Concerning the genre of story referred to as fantasy.

How to Make a Magical Story Not A Materialist One


Magic. A word associated with a sense of wonder, mystery, the impossible, strangeness, and power. Materialism. A worldview that sees reality as only being about the stuff that we can see, touch, and measure. It is the belief that everything can be reduced to physical processes. It would seem that never should the twain meet – but they often do in fantasy literature.

Why I Love and Write Epic Fantasy


What makes a literary form worthy of vocational pursuit? What is it about fantasy and fantasy epics in particular that fires the imagination and the desire to create? Yes, there is the aesthetic and the enchantment, but those are all bound up in the grand form itself. It is an art capable of symphonic width and breadth as well as a profound height and depth of register.

How To Use More Storytelling For Richer Fantasy Worldbuilding


Worldbuilding in fantasy (and science fiction) is often carried out through the creation of an apparatus of notes and documents organized into topics: cultures, geography, magic, and so forth. Much of this material is never used in an actual story because it belongs to our world. It remains in the background. But what if more worldbuilding could be done with storytelling?

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