Why I Love and Write Epic Fantasy


What makes a literary form worthy of vocational pursuit? What is it about fantasy and fantasy epics in particular that fires the imagination and the desire to create? Yes, there is the aesthetic and the enchantment, but those are all bound up in the grand form itself. It is an art capable of symphonic width and breadth as well as a profound height and depth of register.

The First Novel I Wrote Will Never See Daylight


I wrote my first fantasy novel from 2009 to 2010. My mom liked it, my brother-in-law (who reads widely in the genre) was polite but unenthusiastic, friends at school thought it got better as it went along (one said it was “A good first book,” which is a rather nice way of saying, “I’m sure you’ll get better”). Even my then-girlfriend couldn’t get into it. But I convinced myself it was great for...

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